At EJ Developments, we are a family owned Queensland business that specialises in the restoration of historic Queensland style homes and the construction of affordable inner city apartments.

We have a proven track record of highly successful developments including apartment complex's, new luxury homes, and the restoration of premiere Brisbane heritage property.

Our process begins with sourcing our properties, in which we perform multiple tests of feasibility to ensure that our projects only go ahead in locations that are safe, suitable and will provide value long into the future. 

We then move into the design phase in which we utilize the services of well known Brisbane architects to formulate a project design that is specifically suited to local area demographics and that allows the property to fully enjoy its amenities.

Finally, as construction begins, EJ Developments utilizes its capacity as a distinguished building company to complete projects efficiently and to a premium standard. Employing entirely our own workforce, the entire EJ Developments team are experienced in completing a range of premium property developments, historic restorations and large scale apartment projects while maintaining the highest safety standards across the board.